Not very well no. It distanced a good number of Alfa faithful by being mostly GM based. Plus, it was (like all of the cars built on that particular platform) bloody heavy for its size. It was meant to replace the 156, but it was actually sized between the 156 and 166 so is a physically larger car, but was still heavy. » 12/19/14 6:42am Today 6:42am

My personal favourite: Triumph GT6 with a Saab B234R. You can pick up GT6s for chump change in the States, there's parts in the UK to sort the rear suspension (and the front suspension is shared with the Elan and is rather good). » 12/18/14 10:54am Yesterday 10:54am

Based on what I can find the LS3 is ~35kg heavier than a KA24DE (can't find weight data on a KA24E if that was the engine in the car). That sort of weight can be either lost with cheap things like fibreglass and alloy parts, or redistributed by putting the battery in the back. » 12/17/14 10:03am Wednesday 10:03am

What pisses me off is that they could have taken a really shitty rusted out POS with a blown engine, knackered suspension (but a relatively intact tub) and done the exact same thing without ripping apart a perfectly driveable classic. » 12/16/14 3:12pm Tuesday 3:12pm

Great video :) the only thing that I would have liked above what's already there is a WOT pull just as the video ends. Would have sent it off with a really nice mechanical pure sound as a foil to the song through the rest of the video :) » 12/14/14 9:08am Sunday 9:08am

Nearly, the lightest LS engine is the LS3 at 203kg fully dressed (although that might be for the auto version with a flex-plate, add on ~20kg for the flywheel based on other LS engines). The M20B25 in an E30 is about 180kg fully dressed, so for its displacement and power the LS is featherweight, but it isn't actually… » 12/12/14 11:34am 12/12/14 11:34am

It would be a B202 that I would like to fit to the GT6 ideally. You could get scary power out of the later engines, but I'd prefer it to be a bit more usable on the street and have a cooler old-school look to the valve cover. I have heard that the later B204 and B234 have different deck heights to the early ones, so… » 12/04/14 5:55am 12/04/14 5:55am